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Emiliano Tenzi - ERASE didgeridoo

Once upon a time, since every instrument I make will have much to tell and sing, many stories to say … The aesthetic depends on the moment and the inspiration, in different woods, long and shapes. Looking forever for the perfect didgeridoo. Instruments of epic proportions, huge and extra long bells. Disarming and intonablesing instruments. All treated internally and externally with water-based products. The technique of construction is that of the longitudinal cut, where the branch is cut to the middle along, it is hollow with gouges and hammer, and it is reglued again.

The nozzle is generally encrusted and made of hard wood. Its internal diameter varies from 27 to 31 mm. Shipments to everyone.

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Emiliano Tenzi / Construcción

Emiliano Tenzi / Tabú

Emiliano Tenzi / Sambera

Emiliano Tenzi / Renaissance / Didjin'Oz

Classes and Workshops

A rather urban form of teaching, also linked to day-to-day events. I dedicate myself to dictate courses and seminars throughout the country. A path that develops through three fundamental points, the here and now, everyday practice and intent. Key and fundamental points for the good learning of any art or discipline.
As of any action produced by us. To find each one with our inner method and discipline, to recognize and maintain it.

Starting small steps on the right track is essential, so that it does not become a tiring company. I also give didgeridoo construction courses.
Individual classes and group classes. Possibility of meeting more days, with different workshops and activities. In the grid the activities in programming.

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